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Solid strip flooring timber is just as the name suggests, 100% solid timber That can be laid over stumps, existing chipboard/plywood floor or over concrete.  It is a classical, practical long-term investment for your home as this type of flooring can last a lifetime if maintained correctly.


Various factors should be considered when choosing the right timber for you as different factors will ultimately affect the look and durability of the floor. 

Firstly, It’s important to know your timbers and not just choose according to colour preference when choosing the timber you would like for your home.  Ask yourself: what sort of floor traffic the floor will be exposed to?   Is it just the everyday traffic of adults or older children who are able to take some care with the floor or higher traffic, high heels, young children with toys running over the floor and pets? 

Different timbers have different Hardness ratings (Janka rating measured out of 14 which is the hardest) which means that the timbers impact resistance will vary considerably from one species to another and therefore will take the dropping of objects and wear and tear differently.  Often this sort of information is not explained to the customer when purchasing a new floor yet it is an important factor to take into account.

The type of finish that will be applied to the floor will also alter the look and colour of the floor.  Is it a solvent-based or water-based finish, gloss or matt these products react and alter their colour differently when exposed to UV light so will affect not just the way the floor looks like when installed but how it will look like in 2-3 years after installation?

The grade and species of timber will determine the number of gum knots and veins that run through the floor. Generally speaking, there are 3 different grades of timber Select, Standard and Feature grade. (names vary from different timber suppliers) If you’re after a more rustic look, then a standard or feature grade may suit if you want a more contemporary cleaner looking finish then select Grade will probably suit that style better.

Talk to our Knowledgeable Customer Service Manager who can help guide you to find the right flooring type for your needs and lifestyle.


Pricing varies considerably from one species to another, the grade and width of the timber also impacts the price as it is more expensive to produce wider boards with A wider board will give a less busy look due to being fewer joints in the floor and a

As a rough price guide for Solid timber, flooring can start at around $50.00 m2 up to $110.00 m2 supply only depending on species, grade and width of the flooring desired. Call for a free over the phone quote.

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